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#include "driveprm.h"

#define SET_SOFTGAP 0x1
#define SET_ENDTRACK 0x2
#define SET_CHUNKSIZE 0x4
#define SET_SECTORS 0x8
#define SET_INTERLEAVE 0x10
#define SET_FMTGAP 0x20
#define SET_RATE 0x40
#define SET_SIZECODE 0x80
#define SET_CYLINDERS 0x100
#define SET_STRETCH 0x200
#define SET_FINALGAP 0x400
#define SET_DOSDRIVE 0x800
#define SET_2M 0x1000
#define SET_VERBOSITY 0x2000
#define SET_MARGIN 0x4000
#define SET_DEVIATION 0x8000
#define SET_HEADS 0x10000

#define MAX_SIZECODE 8

#define DO_DEBUG 1
#define ALSKEW 4

#define MAX_TRACKS 85
#define MAX_HEADS 2

extern int fm_mode;
extern int cylinder_skew;
extern int head_skew;
extern int absolute_skew;
extern int begin_cylinder;
extern int end_cylinder;
extern int heads;
extern int sectors;
extern int use_2m;

extern int lskews[MAX_TRACKS][MAX_HEADS];
extern int findex[MAX_TRACKS][MAX_HEADS];

#define MAX_SECTORS 50
/* int skew; */

struct fparm {
      unsigned char cylinder,head,sect,size;

struct fparm2 {
      unsigned char sect, size, offset;

struct params {
      char *name; /* the name of the drive */
      int fd; /* the open file descriptor */
      int drive; /* the drive number */
      int sizecode;
      int preset_interleave;
      int actual_interleave;
      int rate;
      int gap;
      unsigned int fmt_gap;
      int use_2mf;
      struct fparm2 *sequence;
      int last_sect[MAX_SIZECODE];
      int nssect; /* number of small sectors */
      int dsect; /* number of data sectors */
      int need_init; /* does this cylinder need initialization ? */
      int raw_capacity; /* raw capacity of one track inbytes */
      struct floppy_drive_params drvprm;
      int chunksize; /* used for re-aligning skew */
      int max_chunksize;

      int flags;
      int min; /* minimal offset that this geometry can handle */
      int max; /* maximal offset */
      int length; /* length of the track */
      int rotations; /* how many time do we have to go over 0 to read
                  * the track */
      int zeroBased; /* 1 if sector numbering starts at zero */
      int swapSides; /* if logical side 0 is on physical 1 and vice-versa */

int compute_all_sequences(struct params *fd, 
                    int tracksize,
                    int sizecode,
                    int gap,
                    int mask,
                    int biggest_last);
void compute_track0_sequence(struct params *fd);
int calc_skews(struct params *fd0, struct params *fd, int n);
extern int verbosity;
int header_size;
int index_size;


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